Wikihouse Prototype

Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Several years ago I built this:

This is a system called “Wikihouse” where you use a CNC router to essentially mill a flat pack house.

I’ve been working on the system ever since. I’ve recently gotten access to a Glowforge, and rather than prototyping at full scale I decided to take a crack at going 1/5th scale using some 1/8th birch ply:


I (re)designed the Wikihouse system using SketchUp and I exported the vectors using Fabber (a plugin I designed)

From there I scaled it down to about 20% of it’s original size so I could cut it out of the birch, and did some offsets to account for the laser kerf. After that I had a press together house frame.

Laser cutting really helped me work through some of the “build-ability” at smaller scale before I go full size.

I’ll keep posting pictures as I cut more! (right now I’m re-working some of the joints)


Nice work.

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Eric! I didn’t know you had gotten a :glowforge: ! Good to see see you here!

Love that you are using it for prototype work on the wiki houses.

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Well I don’t “have” but I do have access to one which is nice!

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Great concept! Looking forward to seeing it develop.

Welcome to the forum!

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Nice work! Great use of the machine.
Welcome. :sunglasses:

Cool! Does the system have provisions for thick beams and/or trusses?

Not sure what you mean…

The Wikihouse system is all plywood. The main supporting beams are boxed in so you get some thickness that way…

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Does it meet Hurricane 5 resistance?

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Ah, I took a look at wikihouse. cc. It would be interesting to apply the principles to building furniture with a GF-sized laser.

I’ve done that before… It’s doable but making pockets can be a bit tricky to get then the right depth