Will cut the outline but not the inserts ,

ohh I missed that you’re using underlayment.
Yeah - I stand by step 3 in my above post of trying the design on a different material.

All right here we go … contacted Glow forge about the cutting the outline but not the inside cuts and this is what the reply was after several days of back n forth with pics and settings being checked from the glowforge end ( yes I had the correct settings ). The head does appear to be low and looks lower when material is in the tray. The engineers at G/F said that it is within design tolerance. The bracket that attaches the fan and head was installed properly and everything looked ok. Over last weekend I was out of the house and returned to an improved cutting experience , Another round of E-mails ensued with the last one being received about 10 minutes after a 1ish hour G/F outage – on line but unable to load designs – then it was back on and cutting everything. The last message from G/F support was that it was an intermittent error and to contact them immediately if it re-occurs . thanks to all for the questions and tips.

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