Will high-speed vector engraves ever return?

It’s been over a year since the speeds beyond 1000 became available. They were initially available for any engrave, but long ago they were restricted to just the raster engrave settings screen.

Do you think they’ll ever come back for vector designs?

Don’t vector designs need to be rasterized on the server to be engraved anyway? Can’t they then be submitted to the raster engrave planner that supports the higher speeds?

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Don’t know, that’s a good question. I think the problem with the vectors was open paths…the algorithm to interpret that can give some strange results.

If the shape is completely closed, it wasn’t a problem. But there are some design programs (like CAD) that use short unconnected segments to create curves…it would give some wild patterns.

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You can engrave vector designs right now, just only at speeds 1-1000. What about the same design makes it a problem at 1001?

Don’t know. I’ve seen a couple recently that still threw that open path error when folks tried to use vectors to engrave.

What it causes is a streak that runs across the page, as one open path tries to link up to another open path…sometimes at the opposite side of the bed. Most of the time, people don’t notice it, and it ruins the print, and sometimes a lot of material.

Or it might not be good for the head to zoom across the entire bed at high speed?

(Or maybe that’s not it…I’m just speculating.)

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