Will It Forge tackles the easy, Anodized Aluminum

I tackle anodized aluminum, and I link a second video showing me making mistakes with aluminum. BOTH have useful information.


Been my experience that just about any setting works well with Anodized Aluminum. I’ve done some tags like in the still for your video, that a friend anodized for me, as well as some anodized blank name plates I bought. Today, I engraved my niece’s brand new Macbook. I just did full speed and 100 power and it came out great. But on one of my first tests, I did full speed and lowest power and while it didn’t mark it very well, even that left a very visible engrave…

The laser doesn’t have the power to hurt the Aluminum, it can only attack the anodization. So I have to agree. I think it’s probably the least challenging material to laze. Provided you’re in focus, you can have too little power for a really good engrave, but you can’t have too much. :slight_smile:

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Can agree. Biggest issue with aluminum is focus. Well, that was one of 3 mistakes I made.