Will not auto recognize proof grade material

I finally got my replacement Glowforge (first one wouldn’t calibrate) upon loading the proofgrade draft board the GF will not recognize the material. I manually selected the material but would like it to autoselect.

I cleaned the camera lens on the lid, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

I think remembering that very atypical ambient light might affect it, so for example if you keep the GF in direct sunlight or even a strong spot light overhead it might sometimes affect it. just to check it you can cover the glass with something and try again …

(I’m not saying it’s acceptable or not, just suggesting the cause)

Edit: “I think remembering”? that can’t be right…

I will turn off the LED work light off and try again

In many cases, the Glowforge’s own LEDs shine on the QR code obfuscating the code from the camera. Happens all the time. You can try and re-position the material a bit. That sometimes helps.

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That fixed it. Thank you all

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Someday they’ll switch to the UV QR codes printed directly on the masking instead of the current shiny stickers. For now the glare of light reflecting off the stickers makes the automatic identification fail pretty often. But you do learn over time where to position the material to have the lowest likelihood of glare.

Yes but why did they not do that during the last two years? They seem to do nothing in parallel. Surely they could have tasked a company to print UV barcodes for them and it wouldn’t take two years to have it up and running.

The lack of project management is incredible.

I think this sums up nearly every frustration people have with Glowforge.


Things often look quick and easy from the outside. What if they want to install the flatbed equipment and print their own vs dealing with contracting it out? Can they do it concurrently with other projects? Sure. Is it that big of a danged deal? Not so much.


I’m sure Glowforge could get way better rates than myself. But the cost difference between my own professional quality printing and outsourcing it for the same material is about 1,000%.

Thanks for the answers @all, I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.