Will not do cut files

has not been able to do any cut files at all i have bought 30 cut files from esty.com an other svg files an none of them will cut do cuts at all engraves great but when you do cut in the setup of msterial it just engraves an that is it very un happy

Welcome to the forum. Without being able to see exactly what your files look like, it’s a bit difficult to help, but to begin with …did you choose the different operations down the left side of the UI? Raster/bitmap images will only engrave. Only vectors will cut or score…but you can make the choices similar to this;


I think the problem is the files you are using. If you can cut/score/engrave a Glowforge file like the Gift of Good Measure, then the problem is the type of file you are using.


As stated, without more details I’m not sure what to do to help, however it sounds like it might just be an pattern error.
There are different types of lines used that the GF reads differently. Primarily you have a stroke and a fill. Your GF will read any “stroke” likes as a cut or a score, and all “fills” will be read as engravings. If you haven’t done so I’d take a look at First Prints Tutorial


I usually take those files into another program like Silhouette or Inkscape, and make sure that I change the outlines to cut, score, or whatever I want. Just because they’re SVG, doesn’t mean they’re made for the Glowforge. Many are for just printing on color printers or sublimation. If the originals show up in color, that’s usually the case (or at least in the files I’ve bought).

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I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble with designs that are not able to run as a cut. So that our team can look into this for you, may we have 1 or 2 examples of the files that aren’t cutting? If you’d prefer to share them privately, you can email them to us at support@glowforge.com.

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