Will not go online

Sent a message to my support guys but thought I would see if anyone had any ideas. I had my machine unplugged for a bit. This machine is only 2 weeks old. I went to set it back up and I can not get it to go back online. I re did the set up process and it said I was on line but when I go to cut it says I am offline.

There are two pinned posts in the Problems and Support topic area that will walk you through the troubleshooting process. I suggest you go back and read those so you are better prepared for the coming steps.

By opening a new topic here you have created a second support ticket with Glowforge. This may be assigned to a different support tech and they will have to resolve the duplication before they can assist you. This will delay responses and it will be confusing for both you and the GF support team.

I suspect you have a WiFi issue that could be solved by unplugging your network, waiting 2 minutes, and then restarting it one part at a time, starting at the wall, and letting each unit reboot fully before moving to the next. This should ensure that everything is working normally.


Hi Ben, I appreciate your thoughts. But I do not need to be admonished for posting something in the community. Especially by someone who is an equal owner. I did look and did not see anything. I am human so please do not make assumptions. I may have missed it.

Hi @julieogle99. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty getting set back up. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m traveling for the next few days so I apologize if you’ve already emailed about this but I wanted to see if there might be a simple answer for you.

My recollection is that you had been using a different unit since packing up the one we were troubleshooting, is that correct? If so, the app will still be ‘pointed’ at the last unit you used (which may not be online.) If you look in the upper right corner of the app, it should display the name and serial number of the unit you’re currently set up to print to. If it isn’t the correct unit, you can click there to select the proper unit.

If that doesn’t resolve it for you, let me know and the team can continue to troubleshoot for you here.


OMG you are awesome!!!

My first machine wouldn’t work upon arrival because it wouldn’t recognize the lid as closed. It had a serial code that was established in my computer. My replacement machine then came with a new serial number, so I had to manually switch to that in the GFUI and remove the previous one. So I had the same issue as you.

Seems you got it figured out though! I suppose when in doubt, always check what unit is being connected. This will help if you ever have more than one machine in the future like some of the people here do. Though if I had multiple machines I would probably use different laptops or tablets or phones to get things going, just so I’m not confused haha. Happy crafting!!

I’m glad that took care of it for you! I’ll go ahead and close this thread. For the rest of the troubleshooting we’re doing, please go ahead and follow up in the email thread we already have going.