Will the GF fit in the back of a honda Civic?

My GF finally arrived (:heart_eyes:) , I need to cross the border to pick it up but my van is in the shop!
does anyone know if it will fit in the back of a Honda civic? 2014 or 2015, if you are picky? back sit down of course…

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I’m going to say unlikely. The box is pretty giant. I bet the box measurements are in the forum somewhere, that’s your best bet, but it really is a big box.

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The shipping box is 45" on the long side, so it will not fit just in the trunk of a civic, according to this video.
I’m not sure how wide the back-seat passthrough is. If it’s wider than 28" x 16" than that could work.

(shipping box: 45" x 28" x 16")

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I think the question is will it fit in the back seat. I’m guessing if it fits, it will be on the 16" side so you’ll be going against the this end up arrows, however, UPS did the same getting it to the border so…

According to Honda the backseat of a 2017 Civic has 2.3 more inches than needed for the box assuming hiproom means width of the back seat. There doesn’t appear to be dimensioned drawings on their website: http://owners.honda.com/vehicles/information/2017/Civic-Sedan/specs#mid^FC2E5HEW so who knows if the geometry of the door opening will leave you with a “do I unbox it here dilemma.” Why do people who make websites hate drafting???

There are quite a few Canadians who have done this before you. Hopefully one who did it with a similar sized vehicle will chime in.

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Wait for your Van. You might be able to cram it in the Civic, but do you really want to take the risk?

I picked mine up across the border. It probably could have fit nicely in the Kia Forte 5 hatchback, but I took the Van anyway. That way I didn’t have to rub any cardboard or crush any corners getting it in.

Maybe the shop has a courtesy pickup truck or Van? (Better tell them you’re going across the border).


this may be the worst option yet, but it’s conceivable: How hard is it to remove the passenger seat? I’ve had a few vehicles where it is only four clean interior bolts (others where the bolts go through the floor and are rusted into place, or where you have to almost disassemble the entire seat to get to the mounting points, or where the security-bolt seatbelt attachment point gets in the way of everything…)

Don’t want to mess with seatbelt assemblies… you may not be able to reassamble it correclt, you’ll normally void any applicable warranty, and you may injure yourself.

This one from my XJ almost got me real good: so much potential energy in that sharp, coiled steel spring!


thank you for all the input… and for doing all that homework! I’m really torn… if I can pick it up tomorrow I can spend the extra long weekend setting it up and stuff… if not I will probably need to wait a whole other week.

well I guess you took that as a challenge, not a warning! :grinning:


well… I mean… it was broken.
I had to remove it.


Any chance you could just rent a van for the day?

I was thinking of borrowing a van, t’s always a bit more complcated when you cross the border with it…
and ernting a avn is probably 50$. yes I’m itching to put my hands on it finally but is it worth the money + the extra hour of work picking up and returning a rental?

I’m going with “yes” but I do so love my lasery goodness. :slight_smile:

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