Will the Pre-order machines have anything special compared to the regular printers?

It might be fun to have a custom badge or decal for the pre-order machines, do you have any plans like this?

I was thinking this last night, you beat me to it. Or atleast something on the forum. The only thing that lead me to not ask it is if they do bump the price straight up double then we have got our reward for ordering it early, I was in the first <10% of orders but I won’t likely get my machine that early as I’m over the sea…

@dan I know you have lots to think about, but have you had any thoughts on this topic? I know your not a kickstarter but I really enjoy kickstarters and the stretchgoals or bonuses for being an early adopter.

One cool thing would be know the number of my order after I have confirmed my delivery address. Probably only a few people are willing to know this, but as a tech-savvy-pioneer-buyer - I am! :wink:

E.g. “I was 505th buyer” and if 2025 I am willing to sell my GF in eBay auction I can show the certificate + badge and get 10x higher price :smiley:

I also like this “badge” idea or maybe you can design a special stickers (cheap to produce) that you can put inside of the Glowforge package (compare to Apple stickers that they put in their product packages).

Because you are pretty busy by finishing Glowforges to production, you can crowd source this one. Just announce a competition:“Who will design the most appealing pre-order badge” will get his/her badge in to coming GF product boxes. You can pick the winner or this community can… Everybody wins.
@bailey Can you arrange some soft of community based competion, can’t you? :smile:


What would be better?

Printing your own. You’ll have a printer for goodness sake!

Just provide a ‘secret’ link to print.