Will we be able to upgrade the head of the laser?

Is “head” the right term? The black box that moves. Haha.

The Pro Glowforge is more powerful not because of the tube, but because of the optics correct? (I may be wrong on that) And the head is removable correct? Can the Basic Glowforge head be switched out for an upgraded Pro Head? A hybrid of sorts. Or just wishful thinking?


No it is more powerful because of the tube being 45W and also because the optics are better.

The head only has about half of the optics. One window, a mirror and the lens. There are also two more mirrors and another window I think.


Okay cool! Thank you! That clears that up! :slight_smile:

@dan said it’s possible but it’s not just the tube that different it’s how it fits in and connects. I think the idea’s been zapped by the hopperinator.


there’s also the cooling differences to think about

(the talk of the tube reminds me: if all test lasers have reportedly been basic units, and a faulty tube was found, can the company be certain that the different tube in the pro lasers is flawless?)

of course it’s entirely possible they’ve been shipping “pro” lasers in the basic form factors and not always saying in order to get an idea for quality purposes


Being that the two designs are the same dimensions, and tube power is closely linked to length, I wonder if it’s the ‘improved’ optics that account for the 5w difference…

I asked on the forum earlier, and got a response from Glowforge Staff. Laser output is rated by Tube output, not input power or power delivered to the material.


As @dan has explained, they’re different tubes.


Yep,but it would be interesting if delivered power at the cutting end is 5W higher or more (or less).
Biggest item on the pro for me was the better cooling as it gets toasty here in the summer…

It will be more if the tube gives 5W more and the optics are more efficient as Dan has stated.


@palmercr is right on - while the head is upgradable, there’s a lot more going on than just the head. And @mad_macs is correct, there’s 5w more in the tube + additional gains from the optics.