Willl the GF filter unit remove Covid19

Just wondering, would the filter unit block the Covid 19. I know this is off label, but if it will filter smoke do you think it would filter the virus?

I left running an not connected to the Glowforge it would certainly lower the volume of particles in the air, including those carrying virus, however if it needed to clean up the air that much, there are likely bigger problems it could not address.

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Sure, if you attach it by hose and mask to the face of the person coughing.


The only safe answer is no.


remove it from what?

My thought is to keep a patient in negative pressure, from the filter unit, to protect the other household members. But it was just a random thought.

Anyone seen the specs on the machine?

there’s nowhere near enough volume of air being moved to do that. it’s enough to keep the inside of the GF at essentially negative pressure, but that’s a very small space.


This might be enough air volume.

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