Wind sculpture


Beautiful work.

Speaks to the artist/mechanic in me. The prices he commands shout.


but it’s not :cry:
edit: Oh, there it is :slight_smile: thnx :stuck_out_tongue:
edit2: still wont work - I’m curious!!! :cold_sweat:


I almost figured it out…


we will get this!


Noooooo!!! Will we ever see this mysterious wind sculpture??


It’s in the ether.


I want to see…
this came to mind when I read the title: Strandbeest by Theo Jansen


I’m sure there are laser plans out there somewhere (this is printed):


OK, fixed.


I was amazed first time I saw one of these strolling the beach!


These are really cool. We have one here in downtown Greenville SC, the one from the video at about 1:50, ‘Octo 2’ it is called.
There are always people there taking pictures and video

Id have to say my favorite of his is ‘About Face’. It reminds me of a Terry Gilliam movie… maybe somewhere between Brazil and Time Bandits


That face is cool! Very creative.


If I ever get to run a Maker program in a school… we will absolutely be contacting this guy to ask to replicate his work for a year long project.


Funny, Anthony is a good friend of mine.
One of his best videos was when he made this.
Mocking how hard it was to get a Hang.


SPIKE! Where have you been? You have been absent?


I went to the awesome Des Moines farmers market and saw a steel drum band there. So I had to spend time researching how they were made and whether or not I could do it. That’s when I came across the story of the hang drum. I think I came up for air about a day later. For anyone who has spent time playing with water in pans while doing dishes and hearing the coolest sounds of the interplay between metal and water, the hang is the sound you are seeking.


I saw a steel drum made in the Caribbean (where they originated I believe).
55 gallon drums cut in half, and flipped over.A charcoal fire heated the bottom which was pounded down and streched.
After Cooling “flats” were hammered out and tuned with a hammer, similar to tuning a symbol. The flats next to each other formed rings around the concave bottom.
a unique metallic xylophone type sound that is a signature of the Caribbean islands where you made what you could from what wahed up on the beaches.



Ravid Goldschmidt cycles quite often in my Pandora Rufus Capadocia station. I’d vote the hang for the official Glowforge musical instrument. Infinite degrees of coolness.


Agree with that!
Ravid is top tier
Look into the Halo as well.

I have a few friends that are builders worth looking into.
Both are very good at what they do and I recommend them highly.