WIP Cupcake Stand

I had difficulty getting the first layer to align with the pro pass through. The stand was good enough as a prototype to use for my Niece’s bridal shower.

I used Rhino 3d to create the original drawing. This caused an interesting issue when I uploaded the dxf files. GlowForge showed 3 layers and was cutting with 3 passed before I figured out why the cuts were taking hours to complete. The dxf files also caused cuts to occur at mid point intersections.
I am sure someone has discovered this with dxf files previously.


Welcome to the forum.
I am sure your niece will be the beneficiary of many more projects.

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There are several free online converters that you can run that file through and make it into an SVG. Something like that shouldn’t take hours!

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This is cute. Love the mickey cutouts!

Great looking tray!

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If you have a premium subscription that is available to you for free.


Thanks. I have found it rather difficult to find what I am looking for.

I enjoy the process of drawing up the design in CAD anyway.

This was a test to see which parts I could laser cut, and which parts I want to 3d Print.

My intent is to make it so that the tiers can rotate. Easy with a dowel and bearing, but I wanted more to the design than 3 circles with a dowel.