Wire dispenser rack

I’m about to start a project that is going to consume a good amount of wire, so I made myself a few wire dispenser rack. This one is for the 500’ spools.

It’s made out of HD Luan, with 1/2 copper tube for axles, and some 3D printed caps for the pipe, mounted to 3/4 inch OSB base.

I made a provision for a drag plate, a piece of rubber or leather to add some pull resistance, but so far have not needed it.


Very nice! :grinning:

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This is very cool! I think it belongs in Made On A Glowforge.

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Definitely needs to be in Made on :glowforge:

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Great idea … Nice job!

I’m always reluctant to put things there that aren’t 100% Proofgrade.


Doesn’t need to be Proofgrade, just needs to be made on a Glowforge. It’s when settings are discussed that Beyond The Manual is recommended.