Wire inlay from instructables

If ball bearings are involved (mine are big pillow blocks) You would assume their specs would support the potential load. Then again, you get what you pay for. :wink:

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Wow, I wish I was more involved with the glowforge forum, so much useful info!
So I’ve been inlaying wire with the help of a laser cutter (soon to be glowforge :crossed_fingers: ) for a few months now. It took a bit of experimentation to find best etching power and speed settings for different wire gauges. I don’t pre-flatten my wire, but the lines turn out always nice and even after sanding. The inlay lines on my jewelry are pretty simple, but I am about to try some more complicated designs.
Any of you made more wire inlays during summer?


Your jewelry is gorgeous! I’d love to try that technique sometime.

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Those are very destinctive. The black ones are super! Great inspiration.

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I have been unable to think of an economical way to get into inlaid metal, and had just seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Aj6E5VL5s, using molten metal. The outlay as described in the video isn’t too bad (certainly not as bad as a wire rolller), but your wire inlays with the lasered etchings are great! Maybe I won’t need to do anything (once I get my GF)!

Thanks for sharing!

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Those are gorgeous! Definitely something to try. :grinning:

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I love the effect this technique makes, dark burnt wood around the metal! Great find!

I wish you were more involved too, because those are stunning!

The good news is it’s not too late. :slight_smile: We can’t wait to see what you’ll do when you get your Glowforge.


Such beautiful work!