Wires disconnected 😭 please help

Got the yellow button of death yesterday right before two big craft shows :sob: found the issue near the cooling tank. Two small wires had been disconnected and wondering if anyone else has had any luck reconnecting these?

I haven’t hear of this, but it looks like the heart shape

is just crimping the wire in place. So if you could get the pin out… but I don’t have
experience with this, full disclosure.


It looks like the gantry has been rubbing the wire bundle as it passes. Once reconnected reposition the wire to clear movement of the gantry.
I wonder if they couldn’t just be soldered…?


If your machine is still under warranty I would jump on support by email to get a new (refurb) machine before the warranty runs out.


Those are broken. If you have the correct tools and replacement crimp connectors, you can replace the connectors. However, you will need to determine what caused the break before you can replace them since if you don’t they will just break again.

It looks like that is a JST connector, but I can’t tell the exact model from the photo. I would guess XH based on the size, but it might be a different size. You can get the connector kits from Amazon or order them from DigiKey or Mouser if you need to replace it yourself. With the proper tool and parts this is a ten minute repair.


I agree with @ben1 with the caveat that it’s a 10-minute repair if you have experience and if you can easily get in there. There’s not a lot of slack there to work with, and that also means no room for many do-overs before you run out of wire.

I’ve put a ton of these kinds of connectors on (I’m the kind of nerd who asked for a fancy Japanese crimper set for my birthday last year). If you do go for it, I would recommend practice practice practice before getting in there with the real thing.


I love that company! Their wire strippers actually strip without cutting strands and stay sharp. They also have a strip gauge you can get. Their solder sucker is the best I have ever used.


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