Witch Season


Interesting collage!

Fun! Where is Sabrina! Or the witch from Bewitched?

They are in there


Sabrina is lower right corner next to Elvira and Samantha is above Hermione and to the right of McGonnagall.

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Wow! Where did you get the original image? Did you make it yourself! There are so many familiar faces and a few I can’t place.

Is that Scarlet Witch at the top?

I would love to see the original image. I see Wendy, Witch Hazel, Kiki, the Love Witch, Miss Price, Winifred Sanders, the sisters from Practical Magic, Maleficent, Mad Madam Mim, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Grand High Witch, MaMa Adams, Ursula, Wanda and so many more! There is a figure that might be Prue, but I can’t quite tell.

Nice, some of my favorite characters all together!