Witchy Wall Art

I love this but the design ended up pixelated and rough does anyone know of a program that smoothes lines automatically


Is the art pixilated - or the engraving not where you’d like it?

If it’s the engraving you should run a test with a higher LPI. If it’s the art, it kinda depends, but almost every raster graphics program has some version of “soften” - but with that particular art you may find that sharpening it, or even turning it into a vector to score might make you happier.

It is lovely :smiley:


It is defiantly the art. I’m disabled and have trouble with my hands. I’m trying to find a program that will smooth these lines

Would you be willing to share a piece of that - it doesn’t need to be the entire thing. I think if you try Inkscape, and trace your bitmap it’ll do what you want - you can even turn it back into a bitmap when you’re done. For example - on the right is a pencil and a pen line from my raster program (getpaint.net). On the left is what it looks like after I trace it in Inkscape. Does that look like what you’re looking for?


Or use the save as function so not having to go back if you need it.

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I meant save the new art back into a bitmap with the Make a Bitmap Copy function, not preserving the old art - since it would still be preserved in whatever program you created it in.

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Great design!

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I tried Inkscape for a while but it had either too much or not enough following the shapes. Gimp however expects the jaggies of pixel art and largely ignores them, making very good outlines from masks that are both easy to make and very easy to boolean to go where you want, They translate to paths, and you can export the paths to an SVG.



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