With magnet contacts, it’s dynamic art!


After a wonderful suggestion to suspend it with magnets (Thank you Greg Alan Jacobs), it’s a concentric rotating art piece!


I don’t see anything


Yep, no video for me either.


You guys are philistines. That’s called “abstract art”. Sure, to the uneducated it looks like 2 seconds of a white screen. But it has a deeper meaning if you only think about it a little. If you’re not getting it, keep re-watching it until you do… :slight_smile:


It’s very relaxing. :expressionless:


Ok. That’s what I get for trying to upload video from a smart phone! I think it’s fixed now.


Well, lookie there…it’s still relaxing! (Very cool!) :wink:


Wow, how cool! Is it turning on it’s own due to the magnets?


Probably just suspended by magnets, and manually started spinning. Very little friction to slow it down.


Oh, now I see. Exquisite.


Woa, this is amazing! Is it just like the bucky balls kind of magnets? I dont even understand the polarity of round magnets. Nice job on making this!


Very neat!


So awesome!


Brilliant design. I agree that it’s soothing to watch. I’m so excited to see more moving 3D pieces!


With a few loops of carefully hidden wire and a handful of electronic components, you could make that in to something that spins “on its own”. The magnets are half of an electric motor. A loop of wire makes the other half. To just get it to spin slowly it wouldn’t have to be a very good electric motor…


I’ve been thinking about that. I’m planning to design a base for it, such that it hangs and can spin freely. A few loops of wire on the support structure and some electronics to periodically change the current direction (I’ll probably use an H-bridge attached some simple microcontroller), should get it turning continuously. :slight_smile: Fun!


I’m actually just using steel ball bearings in the artwork, and a stack of cylindrical magnets to support it. I had the cylindrical magnets lying around for another project, and the combination works really well!

That being said, I’m thinking I’ll pick up some spherical magnets for further entertainment. Half inch diameter spherical rare earth magnets are crazy strong though, and quite a bit more expensive than simple steel bearings, so I’ll use them sparingly and strategically.

As for the polarity, you can imagine them as having been carved straight out of a bar magnet. They’ve got N and S poles, just like the earth.


Exactly! I gave it a little twist by hand before shooting the video. A few flat vanes might make it into a neat wind-art piece though…