With new beta features, how can I save a design?

With all the new features in the Beta trial program, how can you save a design you create inside the GF software itself? While these features are nice, if there is no way to save a design, it makes using the features not time effective or replicable from a business perspective. Thanks, Jaime

The design should be saved as you go, as with all projects. If you find this is not the case, please open a ticket with GF to get assistance to determine if it is a bug or a problem with your account.

You cannot save the projects out of the Glowforge user interface for use with other programs. You can only set it up in the GFUI and use it with the GF.

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Yep. You can’t.

I think they are useful if you’re just cutting out the designs, but not if you want to sell the designs themselves (whch may have other licensing challenges, anyway).

You can rest assured that you aren’t alone in giving that feedback.


Just hit the HOME selection on top bar and what you have done will be saved as a new selection.
You can then rename it, open again for more work, or open a copy to add to it without disturbing the one you just named. This is useful if you have something like a banner that you will be adding names to. Keep the banner file intact and just keep loading a copy to add a name to, which can be discarded when done.

As mentioned above, no way to port it out of the UI into another program.
The reverse is easy though. Load in a designed SVG file and add GF UI features. Same thing applies as before. If you are at a point that you like, you can select HOME and it will be saved at that point.

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Can I save it so that I can run it on a different GF unit? I designed something for my home GF, and I would like to run it on my school GF.

Designs are unique to each user account, and you can’t add machines to an account without deleting from the current owner. So, no.

Ah. This you can do!

Add your home account as a user to the school GF. Your files are in the account and will travel with you to any machines you have access to. I’ve got my home machine and the makerspace machine on my account and can easily access files on either one.

(Let me know if that’s confusing!)

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