Within the Umbra


Nothing fancy here, just an engraving of the chromosphere and corona (Latin for crown) during a solar eclipse from the perspective of totality.
Fluorescent orange and black acrylic, poised over the illuminated GF button.

We have tickets to fly to Nashville (that just happens to be in the path of totality) where My Son’s family live, and that date was one month from yesterday. Anyone else with travel plans?
It has been 99 years since the shadow traversed coast to coast. I have seen a few partial, but never a total - where the stars come out during the day.


That is stunning! Wow!


Wow! That looks awesome!


Nothing fancy? How the heck did you do that? :heart_eyes:
(I would leave that as my escutcheon in a heartbeat.)


I’m headed to Paducah, KY for a airbnb stay for the watching of the Eclipse.


Wow! Very nice!


Probably 50/50 as to cloudy or not - but even if it is, it will go black. Really hoping for clear skies!


I was planning to go to southern Illinois and be on the line of maximum duration which is a very short segment of the entire line across the country.

But, then I saw your eclipse and the real one just won’t match what you produced-Gorgeous!!! So, I cancelled my trip @PrintToLaser

P.S. Actually, I am still planning to drive from the West Coast to see it in the only part of Illinois that is west of the Mississippi River, the original site of the capitol of Illinois.




If I did it you know it has to be simple. The glowforge did it. :wink:
Google images > Corona - and fiddle with it a bit in Gimp.


Honestly this would be the greatest night light ever!


Good idea! :sunglasses:


That is so clever!!! Great escutcheon. Such a timely theme.

I’m having some friends come in to Missouri to see the eclipse. I have the time all planned out. Still working on eclipse themed food though.


Awesome job! It looks so real. Oh, and doesn’t this belong in Made On A Glowforge?

We happen to live in an area of about 1.3 minutes of totality, So as long as the weather is good, we can just go out on our deck.


Trying to talk the wife into a quick trip to the Kansas City area. Closest total eclipse to us. Only real problem is school is starting.


I understand. However it would be difficult to argue against the educational and spiritual value of witnessing totality. I contacted my Son last year, and he presented to his company that they did not want to be in a meeting then. They all agreed.


Wow, that is cool. Nice job.


Woooooow that looks SO cool!! Sadly I’ll be in Pittsburgh, so no totality for me :weary:


I live right smack dab in the middle of the path here in Idaho so i will probably walk out into the parking lot of our apartment complex :slight_smile:


Well, that is spectacular. Clever, too. Nice work.
I’m lucky enough to live right in the path of the eclipse in SC. Cant wait!