Wizard of Oz collection


I liked Wicked but must confess I LOVED the musical. The book got a little bogged down in political stuff IMHO. Normally I like the books better than adaptations.


First of all, the concept is just awesome and really looks incredible on that wood.

For your border, I’m thinking you might want to apply this technique

but modify it slightly. Instead of just taking the image and making it black, first put a nice thick stroke around it then flatten that and then make it all black. That should allow you to make a contoured border that could be more to your liking.

Same thing happened to me the other day. I had it under a bright light and thought I’d gotten all of the masking off. Took a pic to show it off and saw quite a bit more!


Thanks Tom, I will try your suggestion.


Yes!!! I loved Wicked the Musical too. Idina Menzel was amazing as Elphaba!


Very nice! Curious how closely the Lion’s expression so closely resembles the actor in the movie!

Apparently I’m the only one, but the tape for weeding hasn’t worked as well for me as a single edged razor blade. A used one (dulled) is easier to wield, a new blade is a little too sharp. A light touch sliding slightly diagonal as you move the blade forward at a low angle glides across the surface and catches even the smallest bits without fail. Quick and it lasts and lasts.


No, you’re not alone. I like those plastic razor blades. They are perfect without having to dull down a metal one.

And a lot safer for us klutzy types. :neutral_face:


Girl you should see the scars on these hands. Not abused, just heavily used. At a point I had more callous on them than the sloes of my feet. According to her, like tree bark. Alas I have gone soft. Hands, around the middle and in the head.

This forum was the first I had ever heard of plastic razor blades, where do they come from?


They come from plastic razor blade trees.


Have to be very careful to allow them to grow to full size… The baby buds are like baby rattlesnakes. :snake: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You guys are nuts! :laughing: (Look out!) :chipmunk:


And my local Ace Hardware had them for $1.79, which included the holder and several blades.


Thank you ladies for the recommendations!


those things are da bomb. Or whatever expression the cool kids are using nowadays. I love them for taking off all kinds of stuff without cutting in. (OK, also sometimes I use a thumbnail for weeding.)


I found the book rather boring. When the musical came out, I was confused why everyone raved about it so much, but I guess it must be a lot better than the book. (I haven’t been able to get myself to see it yet.)


How about the TV series Emerald City…put a different twist on the idea…:smile:


Definitely see the show if you get a chance. Fantastic!
@SunnyStarbucks - Haven’t seen Emerald City but will look into it!


Thanks @Jules will check there. This is a great idea … I hadn’t heard of plastic razor blades either. Don’t have the patience to plant a seed and wait for it to grow into a tree…Ace Hardware will be seeing me today since we are expecting snow in Oz tomorrow. :unamused: