Wobbly / Bent Crumb Tray?

We are having so much fun with our Pro! I can’t believe it is here and what we have been able to make and learn so far. No tech issues and is working like a charm.

As I was doing a quick wipe down of the inside after creating a rubber stamp, I noticed the crumb tray seems to flex down in the back right corner. I pulled the whole tray out, made sure nothing was in the groves the feet sit in, and replaced the tray. Sure enough, the back right corner flexes (i.e. does not touch the floor of the GF when seated “normally”). It is difficult to say how much spacing is underneath, but I would guess it can be pushed down at about 1/8"-1/4" (but no more than 1/4").

The other corners all seem to sit correctly and touch the base of the unit.

It has not impacted any performance so far because we have been making small projects in the center of the GF.

So, my question is, does anyone else have this problem and should we be worried?

What I can’t tell is if this is a crumb tray issue or a GF floor issue. With small projects in the center, I am not sure it has any impact. But if we start using the whole bed, will this change the distance between the laser head and the material thus causing problems? Is the crumb tray “ground 0” or the bed of GF?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

As a sign off, I would like to say thanks to the GF team for making this great idea a reality! It was a long time to wait, but even after only 3 days of using it, worth the wait!! Simply amazing!!


The tray should be flat. It would likely affect focus in that area. Of course you are entitled to one that is not warped, but until this is resolved, there may be something you can do… as long as the plastic frame isn’t cracked, and the problem is a bent honeycomb.

With the pre-release I disassembled the tray to clean it, it’s not difficult (if you have the tools and desire to try it). There are 5 Torx head screws on the bottom, and 4 Allen head screws on the sides (with spacers) and the steel honeycomb comes out. I would lay that down on a sturdy flat surface, like a granite countertop and see if it is wobbly. If it is, you should be able to flatten it by pushing on it.

Understand this is not suggested or condoned by the company, just what I would try if I were in your place wanting badly to laser stuff!

Your problem is documented here, so I wouldn’t think they would give you a hard time about it.


Placing it on another flat surface is a good idea. I will look into it. The honeycomb is not cracked, it is in great shape.

I noticed another person was having issues when trying to cut or engrave something in the upper right corner of their unite recently. I wonder if they have the same potential problem I have? :thinking: I have not tried to use that corner, so I don’t know for sure.

Thanks #PrintToLaser

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Might want to check that your Glowforge is level. There is a certain amount of flex in the case.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve spoken with the team and in this case, we believe it’s best to send you a new crumb tray.

You should have just received an email with details from me. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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