Wobbly lines and vertical lines in my engraves

I started seeing this problem in engraves in the last week or so- It was working fine for a few months since I got it in December. It’s a refurbished Basic model.

This issue is happening with multiple files that have worked fine in the past.

The wobble seems to weirdly clear up towards the top right of the engrave on most jobs right now, but it’s very noticeable everywhere else.

I’ve taken the plate off the gantry a few times tonight trying to diagnose the issue, but can’t figure out how to fix it.
Looking at the wheels on the back of the plate, one of them has more play than the other in how it’s attached to the plate. It’s not the little hex screws- I checked those and they’re tight.

The back right wheel has more “wiggle room” when I try to wiggle it while holding the plate still, but otherwise looks fine to me.

The pulley on the right seems fine- it’s as far to the right as it looks like it can be, and doesn’t have a wobble.
The pulley on the left with the teeth might have some wobble but it’s really hard to tell, since it vibrates a tiny bit when it turns.
I tried checking for debris that could be causing this issue and couldn’t find anything.

If there is a restriction or vibration in the travel of the gantry or the head on it, you should be able to feel it moving the gantry back and forth, or the head across it when the machine is off. Both actions should be smooth.


I do feel a vibration when I move the print head side to side.

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