Won’t turn on

My Glowforge completely turned off last night as soon as it finished a project, and now it won’t turn on at all. Seems to be completely dead. I tried switching the power cord with a new one, and double checked to see that no breakers were tripped. Nothing has worked, just completely dead.

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Which machine do you have? If it’s a pro check the interlock on the back next to the switch to ensure it is seated all the way in.

I have the plus, so just the power cord back there

You have opened a support ticket by posting here, when they see it they will check the machine logs and get you squared away.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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Hi @espinosa.kenya - I came across the email you’d sent us about these same concerns, and have since sent some follow up steps to check things out. To keep all the communication in one spot I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, and we can finish up with any questions you may have via email. Thanks.