Wonder Woman Smokey Eye


A friend asked if I could customize makeup for her for a gift exchange… I said “I’m not sure what you mean… but LET’S TRY!” :smiley:


Is that right on the cakes? Wow!


Genius mate!
I can see a lot of girls and tweens would love that sort of thing


Awesome! You win the Unique Material of the Day award!


Yep! That’s a first! :smile:


Wow, that is hilarious that it worked so well. How was the smell? Smokey?:laughing:


I’m a guy and have no idea about makeup. Would this affect the usability? :slight_smile:


AAAHHHHH… “Smokey Eye”… Eye see what ewww did there… :wink:


@cindyhodesigns Yes! Though, oddly it looks better/more apparent on the darker colors that it is an engrave. :eye:

@bdm Thanks! I think they would!
@cynd11 I have my friend to thank, but I think I’ll experiment more with it!
@jcarrion :rofl:
@JeremyNielsen She didn’t seem to think so, but honestly I couldn’t tell ya either!
@mpipes :rofl:
@Jules :blush:


How wacky and fun!!! Love it!


You got such perfect placement! Ive seen make companies decorate pressed powder products with embossing and color inlay, but this is definitely a first.