Won't connect to WIFI

Glowforge is powered up. Magic button not glowing! This is my first time set up. This is really frustrating, after waiting 2 1/2 years. I just don’t know what to do. Won’t connect to WIFI. No one to call ! this sucks. !!!

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i’m having problems loading and calibrating. Can’t print, says contact support

I am having the same issue. I noticed it yesterday.

In my attempt yesterday, I pushed the button even though it was not glowing. Once I did, the button started flashing and I was able to start the project.

I am not trying to start another project and have the same issue. This time when I pushed the button the project got kicked back and I had to start the scan over. Just waited about 5min and the button started flashing.

First time in the 3 months that we have had it that we have had any delay or tech issues.

Might be a tech issue on the GF side right now :thinking:

@bruce.kiefer, I’m so sorry for the difficulty. I’ve already replied to your email, so I’m going to close this thread. @pam4arts and @pltmarket, we try to keep to one topic per post in the Problems and Support section. Can you create a new post with your questions? If you’ll provide detail about what you’ve tried and where an issue arises, that will help us figure out next steps. Thanks!