Won't connect?

I turned on my glowforge this morning, and after it calibrated I turned on the web browser and went to app.glowforge.com, and it tells me to do the first time setup.

I indulge it, but it does not broadcast a wifi access point, so it goes no further.

I rebooted my router, I see other wifi devices from the wifi control panel, but not glowforge.



If you hold down the button for 10 seconds, it will start broadcasting again for wifi setup.


Hi Sawa,

I believe we’ve fixed the issue - would you please try logging in again?


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Working now.

Couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as I was trying to impress someone with how easy it was to use… I showed them the eBay redsail clone and got the faith back, I think. Lol.

Could I ask what was wrong/what got fixed?

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That has happen to me, too! Exasperating and a little embarrassing. Glad it’s been resolved.

When I turned my GF on this morning, it also said I was offline. I immediately thought of this post. Looked at my Wifi settings and it was on 5GEXT instead of 2GEXT. As soon as I switched it, everything was fine. Interesting.

We found a misconfiguration based on your feedback. Thanks again for reporting it. I’m glad it’s working now!