Wont cut only etch and No Artwork detected

Sorry guys. New here and I can not seem to either have my design cut (just engraves) or it keeps saying no artwork.

Thank you in advance

You may be trying to cut a bitmap vs a vector?
You can only cut a vector. If you do a search for those terms you will find lots of info on the subject.
It will say no artwork if you have not assigned it either a cut, engrave or score or if part of the art is outside the working area of the honey comb ie: touching the greyed out area at the side or bottom.


No artwork means that the location of your design is not within the process area of the glowforge. Either resize smaller or move it so that it is within the boundary. As for the engrave not cut - bitmap images cannot be cut, only engraved. To cut your artwork needs to be a vector.

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Welcome to the forum.
Can you share a screenshot of your interface showing your artwork on the bed?

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Good to know for sure, I was trying to just add text and engrave:-( When I imported the image I am not sure if it was a vector. I am so new I am just kind of lost.

Thank you for your help

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Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag.

In the screenshot it appears you haven’t specified material in the top left.

Could you try selecting a material, or specifying a material thickness and let us know if that resolves the trouble?"

I see you email us and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this request for now.