Won't cut svg or pdf file. Says it's a bitmap


Today I am trying to cut a box made on boxes.py.
I saved it as an inkscape svg file.
I saved a copy as a png file so I could alter it in paint and saved it again as a png file.
Opened it back up with inkscape and saved it as a .svg file and a .pdf file - neither of which will cut on the glowforge UI…?
It gives me the error message that I can’t cut bitmaps… It says that no matter which file (.svg or .pdf) I try to use.
I cycled the glowforge off and on as well as the UI - same issue.

Any ideas why? What am I missing?


Even though you saved the file as an SVG, the PNG file is still a bitmap image either embedded or linked in the SVG file. Bitmaps (raster formats such as PNG or JPG) can only be engraved, not cut. You can add a vector line around the embedded images to cut out the engraved portion, but the PNG portion must be engraved.



That helps SOOOOO much!

…learning as we forge ahead!

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That’s correct @ john.m.gaffney

@ grahamaini You also might find the Learn by Doing tutorials valuable, particularly the one called “Make a Gift Tag from scratch.” If you have further questions as you learn, don’t hesitate to create a new post.

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