Won't cut!

Let me start off by saying I am not new to Glowforge, I have cleaned it, dusted it, and even changed thickness of the lines and it will not cut through the wood. I see the marks where it attempted on the top side of the wood and it is not going all the way through. It worked fine for a few items earlier today and I have done all the cleaning items to fix my machine. Engraving and scorching are working perfectly.

What wood are you trying to cut? Have you tried cutting 20 lb paper to see if that cuts or produces intermittent lines?

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Same wood I have been using for years. It is maple.

The GF has no concept of “thickness”, that is a style applied to a path and the GF simply follows a path.

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If the Gift of Good Measure cuts fine on proof grade then your machine is working as it should. Give it a go.

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