Wont fire up

Glowforge won’t fire up. I used it last night tried turning it on and it wont fire up.! So I added some photos of what my app shows. I cant reach it on the phone and it wont do anything on my laptop. It’s almost like glowforge server is down. Screenshot_20200715-192802_Chrome|243x500

It would be more helpful to see what settings you’re using, so the left side of the screen, rather than the right. Is it cancelling on its own before or after you press the go button on the machine? Are you cancelling it after noticing it isn’t firing the laser? Will it go through the regular process of focusing and centering? Are you using the “set focus” option, or using your manual settings with a manual height set, or both? Just a handful of questions I could think of to help get going in the right direction.

I see you’ve also emailed us and I’ve just followed up there.

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