Won't save a file

Why is it after all the work doing layout on the material in the unit I click save as and all it saves are the GF clip art images? Have wasted many hours on this and using bought SVG files I have had to re-do layout each time!

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Have you tried exporting the file? When you close a dashboard file, it is automatically saved as it last appeared in the interface. There is no need to “save as”.


I’m having the same problem. I create the design and export it, but when I upload the exported file, I get a message that says “This design doesn’t have any printable elements in it.”

Where are you clicking “save as”?

There is no ‘save as’ option.

You can ‘export design’, under the three dot menu.

Any additional elements you have added are automatically saved in the design in your dashboard.


You cannot export catalog designs.

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