Won't turn on first time....?

Hi there! I was hoping for some advice!

I’ve had my GF a couple of months now. I haven’t used it as much as I’d like to yet, as the holidays were really busy for my business. BUT - I have played with it around 10 times or so.

Each time I flip the switch at the back to turn it on and NOTHING! I end up unplugging at the wall, the back of the unit and flipping the switch multiple times and then it whirs into life! It isn’t tripping any switches and it’s plugged directly into the wall.

Is this normal!? It doesn’t seem very normal, lol!

I’m concerned that I don’t remember being that bad at the beginning, so I’m unsure if it’s getting worse and I am scared it’s going to stop turning on eventually. Anyone else have this issue? I don’t see much about it in the boards. Any advice welcome! Thanks, Helen

No, this isn’t normal. I hope Support will have a solution.


Sounds like you might have a loose switch or wire. If it’s possible to get a camera back there on the inside and see if you can spot anything it might help…


The power switch is directly attached to the power supply and is neither accessible nor serviceable.

If it’s not working reliably, the machine will have to be shipped back.

Support will be along to provide more info.


Thanks! You guys have all been so helpful, it’s really encouraging. After the first few comments I messaged support. I’ve heard before that it takes a while to hear back - does anyone have any insight into how long it typically takes? Or if I have to ship it back, are they typically serviced and returned, or a new machine sent? Appreciate this help and insight! Helen

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Posting here opens a support ticket.


Sadly by also messaging support after posting here you’ve slightly slowed down their response - next time do one or the other. They’ll come here and close this post and then send you an email response to your message.

Recently they’ve been offering to send you a refurbished machine, but they were only doing that until their new service facility opened…and I don’t know if that has happened. Either way, if that needs to happen you’re likely talking at minimum a few weeks or more without your machine so prep for that!


Wow… okay! Missed that part. Thanks for the heads up!

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Hi helencdavis1, I just sent you a response to your support ticket. I’m going to close this thread so we can continue over email!

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