Woo hoo got a new badge


Only 4 of us have this me, @printolaser @marmak3261 and @morganstanfield Looks like I’m in good company😁


Yeah… I’m too stingy with dispensing the likes. I am glad others are not, it does help keep things lively to have people feel appreciated.


That’s fun–welcome to the empathy club!


I feel you. that and higher love I’m wondering if I’ll ever manage


Our likes aren’t cheapened by a quest for a badge.


The only one I REALLY want is beta user…lol


Excellent. Way to participate @smcgathyfay!
As Jacob said, members are more likely to engage when they know others are listening…Especially those with years of experience like the “Laser Lady” and the “Leather Woman”!

The combined skill you two bring - and share with us are among the forum’s greatest assets. (Rick’s dry sense of humor with his unshakable grounded logic rank up there too)
It is obvious your only quest has been to aid others who now follow you down a trail you have already blazed, and we thank you for it!

The real benefit is by engaging we learn from, and about one another - and tend to make new friends that way.
The strength of the forum is the people who participate.
The badge is well earned.

Hey, Glowforge! Let’s get the Laser Lady a beta unit!


I’m in your club, as well…although I did just now ‘like’ all of these posts. Wonder if they’ll ever have a badge for us stingy likers…?


Yes. It’s called “Member”.


Ah…yes. Perfect


Shows how visual I am, didn’t even know who you were without the old avatar picture. Took me awhile to figure it out ;D


The badges are fun, but I’ll admit to being concerned that I might be on track to inspire some less positive badges. I’m pretty sure I could get a Derailer, Chatty Cathy, and Adobe Fanboy badge all for a single thread :smiley:


Lol I hear ya…logo or pic recognition is stronger for me than names…
I did a combo of both…now I can be recognized…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:
Although I also concidered this one


I’d love to see some “fun” badges like that show up.


I agree…that would make things interesting.


Now THAT was funny!


You get the Adobe Fanboy badge and I’ll get the CorelDraw cheerleader badge


Will there be a “swings both ways” badge? I use them both depending on which laser I’m targeting the project for.


No need, she’s totally welcome to come over and use mine when it shows up :wink:


Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinkin badges! … Oh wait - that’s for the movie quotes…:wink: