Woo-Hoo, I'm back, baby!

Went away for a couple of weeks, so it was hard to find much time to post, plus work is getting busy…

But most of all, the forum wasn’t working for some reason through my work connection…I thought IT here had blocked the site (would be like the 150,000,000th site they’ve blocked :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: )

But then magically, today it’s working again…

Missed you guys, gotta get back to making making making…can’t imagine how much I’ve missed.

And for all of you wondering who the heck I am, cause you’ve either never seen me before, or you’re new, or whatever: Hiiii, I look forward to getting acquainted! :blush:


Welcome back!!! :grinning: The world only ended 14 times while you were away. Most of it wasn’t too memorable :rofl:


Welcome back!

Can’t wait to see your projects again!


Welcome back as well! Some of us have been pew pewing quite a bit since your “vacation”. Also I’ve showered , so that probably helped with your return.


Yeah…you’re back! Hope you had a great time away…

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Yeah doggone it, you’ve missed all the fun. Guess we’ll have to have some more. :grinning:

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I was in Belize…first time back in 8 years…missed it SO much!

Already have a very simple project in mind…

The woods from that part of the world are amazing…even just the simple pine wood that they use for their cheapest materials costs, is so dense that it feels like our oak or maple. I picked up a small piece that washed up on shore (one of so many that are just scattered everywhere), and hope to make a picture frame from it…something to commemorate the trip…

Will keep y’all posted :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! And when you leave town, you sure do it in style. :grin:


Great to have you back!


Did you get to San Pedro?

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Thank you!

Yes! It’s changed a lot in 8 years…some good, some not so good. Same as everywhere, I guess…

Do you go there, too?

It has been a few years for me but my sister lives in San Pedro. Have you ever had the chance to dine at Wild Mangos? That’s her place.

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I saw the title, then saw the poster’s icon and said "Hey! I know that blue circle! That’s nunzioc!"
Welcome back!

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Wait…your sister OWNS Wild Mangos?

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Thanks so much!! So happy to be back…gotta read like 500 threads to catch up…looking forward to it

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She does. She kept the name but everything else about it is hers. She’s been running Mangos for about 12 years. She also was named best chef in Belize a couple of times. She’s amazing. :wink:



Hell yeah we’ve dined there! Every time we’ve gone, since @ 2004…

We had dinner there twice on this past trip!

The food there is…INCREDIBLE!

Please send your sister my compliments & tell her thank you for the deliciousness!

Btw, I know this is a different restaurant, but I didn’t take any pics in Wild Mango, sorry, lol