Wood and Acrylic Ornament

Made this for a ladies Christmas get together my wife hosts every year. I like engraving the backside of acrylic, it almost makes me look professional. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you think of a better way to attach the pieces. Contact cement is messy and will easily trash the acrylic piece if you are not careful.


That is really cute, thanks!

Maybe you could attach the pieces with 3M tape, like the stuff that is used on Proofgrade veneer.

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Very nice! Thanks for the share, can’t wait to make it.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the file.

I saw in a video where the person cut the ‘loop’ at the top on both pieces. She then used twine or ribbon to tie them both together, with them just floating on each other instead of being adhered.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Welcome to the community!

Soooo happy to be here! I just got my GF Pro on Monday. During the 13 days of anticipation awaiting delivery, I watched every video I could find. Learned so much new & interesting info. Definitely a good investment of my time.
Happy holidays!


Well it definitely paid off. That is a great project. I remember that feeling of waiting till it got it here. I think I designed like 10 things. LOL Can’t wait to see more of your work! Happy Holidays!

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing . Having fun trying new things to share with family and friends. Thanks and happy Holidays to everyone.

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