Wood breaking easily

Hello ive been doing jewlery, but for some reason it breks easily using wood blanks from the glowforge store. Ive had intrecate styles so not sure what I am doing wrong


Too small for the wood you are using.

Is that hardwood or ply? Hardwood is very fragile along grain lines, which is exactly how that has split…


The plywood is a little better along the grain, but not as nice looking. I produced a hundred bottle shaped keychains out of PG plywood for a brewery a couple years ago. Had a lot of returns because the plywood would break at the attachment point after a couple weeks of handling. I ended up redesigning and remaking the entire run or free to maintain my maker credibility. Wood is only so strong. And the PG plywood consists of very thin veneer and an inner pressed wood fiber material. The inner layer has no real structural strength. A standard multi layer plywood would be stronger but it is what it is.


Ultimately you have to engineer you designs as well as the artwork. That butterfly might have held up with the grain 90 degrees to what you did and designed in a way that more parts provided strength.

These would break easily except that as pressure is applied they give and there is no place to start to crack, They are in proofgrade maple.

Maple and walnut also have tougher grain than most woods,


I used hard wood…trying on plywood just now

Acrylics are also a choice for earrings and two color earrings can pop.


Nice design there. Does the free end of the rope get caught in the wearer’s hair? (I’m going to guess you can’t self-test it, though.) :kissing_heart:


Hi @claudia6156, thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve passed along your feedback so we can continue to strive toward a consistent Proofgrade experience. If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know by opening a new topic or reaching out to support@glowforge.com.