Wood crayon box

Oh it’s totes obsessive - luckily for me it’s a few controllable things. What’s funny is in other things (socks included) I’m all over the place!

I love it! When my 2-year-old granddaughter colors, she is always having them roll onto the floor. She would love to stand them in a box. Thank you for sharing!


Nice work. I need a taller one of these for water color and plain colored pencils. It would help me keep them seperated easier

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this looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it!
Thanks for sharing.

I have 2x 27" 4k monitors and I opened your file and improved it, hope you don’t mind it. Your design had some open shapes but since they are too tiny it had no impact on the final cut product. I arranged it not necessarily to save wood but to allow one time cut instead of two by putting them together and getting rid of the other path and closing some necessary gaps to complete the shape. I did not change any dimensions on it and I have not tested it yet. The cutting process should go fairly quickly now. Please let me know if anyone tries this. You can upload this design as v2 if you wish. Small%20crayon%20box%20-test%203%20with%20wood%20-%20Improved


Cut took 5:26 on Medium Draftboard - no issues putting it together. But, I did have to use glue as it wasn’t a tight enough fit.

thanks @robint1350 for the design - also, what are the black rectangle bits for?
thanks @BrokenGF-User for the optimized file.


Pretty sure those are what gets glued into the corners so the holder (piece with circles cut out) can sit on them and doesn’t fall down, but is still easily removable for cleaning


Awesome, thanks! I made one today using medium walnut plywood. I customized it with a different name and added a fun little graphic to the front.


Looks great! Glad you liked the design. Hope Amy loves it.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with the assembly portion. But, I am having no issues until I try to assemble the back piece - it doesn’t match up to anything and have rearranged things numerous times without any success. Can anyone help please?

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That bites that your pieces aren’t fitting. My first question would be - is there any chance you accidentally resized it? It should be the same width as the front piece so you can measure easily enough…

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No, I did not resize anything. All pieces actually fit together except when I got to put the back piece on there are two tabs on each side (male part); however, no empty space (female part) for it to fit into like the rest of the pieces do.

Sorry for the slow reply - I was down sick yesterday :frowning:

The females are on the sides, the males are the front/back/bottom - which of these doesn’t match what you cut?


Thank you! This was very useful!!

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Thank you again for the file!! Did this one for our almost 6-year-old grandson. Giraffe is from Pixabay.com

I do think I’ll not do one for the 2-year-old granddaughter, as she might be frustrated getting the crayons put back in place.



Beautifully done - you might make one with fewer crayons and larger holes for the 2 year old - she’ll get better and you can upgrade that layer when she does!


What material is that? It doesn’t look like draft board or maple plywood.


@deirdrebeth That had been my plan originally, but she is enjoying the shared crayon tin since her brother vacated it. Still think I’ll make it to have it done.

@stoli stoli PG Basswood Plywood. I like the light color so that the crayon colors are more prominent.


I love it in the light color. Glad you liked it.


Love this… with 2 granddaughters and 100’s of crayons… this is so perfect. Thanks!