Wood cutouts not lining up due to burn marks

Hey does anyone know how to fix the two images below? The first image is the result I want it that the hexagons fits snug next to each other. The burn marks are not fitting side by side perfectly together on the second image. I am guessing the air assist fan is blowing the fire onto the wood causing the edges to be uneven. If anyone has ran into this problem please let me know! I’ve had multiple issues with bent wood and I finally found a product that costs more but is dead flat but now am having this burn issue. Thanks for anyone who can give me suggestions or help!

Is this Proofgrade or your material? Are you cutting just through and not deep past the bottom?

The kerf is always a bit of a Vee shape. For the best fit, the bottoms of the piece you cut out will be the snuggest fit. So to have the closest fit, always put the finish side to the bottom.


Yep. Or flip every other piece over to get a snug fit.


Hey thanks for the reply! It is not proofgrade material. Also, is it really the kerf if it only happens in the burnt edges? If I have sides that fit nicely (unburnt sides) could the kerf still be a problem?

Without examining closely the material, I can’t say. But the more power you give and slower speed burns more wood and creates a larger kerf.

Hi @cookiewaffles69 . I see you also emailed us about this and we’re working on it there. I’m going to close this topic to avoid any potential for miscommunication and you will receive a follow up with this added forum information also addressed in your email ticket soon. Thank you!