Wood materials

I’m trying to make wooden business cards. Does anyone know where I can get thicker wood veneer? The standard seems to be 1cm or less which is too thin. I ordered some precut cards, but even after figuring out settings so that engraving doesn’t cut through, the cards are still very brittle and break easily. Thanks!

1cm is pretty thick, I can’t imagine carrying a business card that thick.

The machine is optimized for 3mm (0.3cm) or so.

I order business cards/bookmarks from https://www.cardsofwood.com/


try cardsofwood.com. They have pre-cut blank business cards or sheets to cut your own. 2-ply veneer which engraves well and is fairly durable.


SWEET - another source! Didn’t know about these guys - thanks!

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Thank you for the info!

I also love Cards of Wood.

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