Wood not cutting all the way through on cut lines!

Hello All!! I’m needing help! On several of my projects- the ones from glowforge premium , the cut lines are not cutting through the material?? What would cause this and how do I fix this problem?? It’s happened numerous times! I need help! Material is way to expensive to wreck like this!!

Are you using Proofgrade or your own sourced materials?

All the lenses and windows and exhaust clean?


Maybe check to make sure the lines are not set to score instead of cut?

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It really shouldn’t matter where the design originated. It matters what wood you are cutting, if it is held perfectly flat against the honeycomb tray, whether the power and speed settings are correct and whether the fans and optics are clean.


My somewhat limited experience with the GF (just about 1 year so far) is that means it’s time to clean the print head, mirrors, anything along the laser’s path that is glass or mirror. After that, clean the small fan under the print head.

Oh, and one more thing - check that you don’t have the lense in the print head upside down. That can be part of the problem.

Then if needed, check what others have used as settings for cutting the material you’re cutting.

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