Wood Pennant Banner Engraving

What is a better wood alternative to these extra cheap craftwood banners? They gunked up my unit real fast. I’m going to try masking them to see if that helps. :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Hard to say without knowing what they’re made of.

Baltic Birch plywood is a pretty good material for most things… but without context, that might well be baltic already?


Masking your material seems unlikely to reduce the gunk’ed-up-ness of your laser… that’s just putting more material in there to burn away. Masking may help your product avoid scorch marks and such, but I doubt it’ll help with gunky-ness.

My guess is this craftwood is some kind of MDF wood… which is well known for gunking up machines =P

I agree with @evansd2 maybe use some baltic birth plywood and see how that fairs.

Good luck!


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