Wood Postcards

Wood postcards are all over Pinterest, but since I have a :glowforge:, I figured I’d make some too. :sunglasses: Put them up on Etsy and sold 6 yesterday. They are fun, low cost gifts that are pretty unique to give. I’ll be making versions for other events and sentiments as well.


Great idea! (And Valentine’s Day is coming.) :grinning:


I’m impressed with this for several reasons. First, you recognized a trend and made good on that. Second, they just look good, and third, you are exercising a rule I have learned the hard way. Semi-custom is the way to go with most things as a full custom is too much work to make money and not custom generally does not sell well because China and such.


Thank you! I have to say that the semi-custom approach is something I know for sure I need to work on more. In the graphic design space, there is a TON of opportunity there that many designers shun because they want everything to be custom when not everyone needs, wants, or can afford that.

Thank you for your feedback and insight!


Beautiful Concept something that won’t fade away.


Thank you!

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Have you determined how much the USPS charges to send these?