Wood Supply

This might be a good place to order some samples to try out.


A bit of a shame all their pieces are 24" wide though. Good for pro users who stay under 1/4"

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I was more thinking of the 1/8" stock and just inscribing it at 20" on both sides and snapping it down or using my band saw.
Not a waste as you can still use that 4" piece later.

Thinking of using it for small things like little model projects and stuff.

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Not sure what their shipping prices are like, but another place someone posted was the ThinBoards store on Etsy. Pretty sure they said he has flat rate shipping too.


I’ve ordered from them and I was quite pleased with their product. I ordered a few different kinds of wood, in 1/8" thickness, 12" wide.

I stopped ordering from them because the shipping to Canada was very costly (shipping to US seemed reasonable). I also discovered I could get Baltic Birch plywood locally much cheaper.

I have a good number of 1/8" boards from Ocooch Hardwoods. My office still smells nice from some of the more aromatic of the woods. I did exactly what you said and cut off 4" to size them all to 20" and plan to use the scraps for testing and smaller projects. I will see if I can get around to posting a picture in my Materials and Suppliers thread.