Wood Veneers

I made this glowy glow forge logo to show how awesome wood veneers can be. Wood Veneers are typically 0.8mm thick and cut like a warm knife through soft butter even on 40W machines. They come in lots of flavours for natural colouring and you can even use the grain to your advantage.

I have a lot more veneer projects on my blog.


Love it! This is exactly the type of stuff I am starting to design in preparation for my GF.

If you don’t mind sharing, what type of lighting are you using? RGB, color filters?

It’s just plain white LED’s in the iron man eyes and some WS2811 (neopixels) RGB LED’s to get the teal colour on the glowforge sign. Because it’s got an Arduino Nano driving it anyway I programmed it so that the colours would slowly fade around teal over time.

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Those are great. Should do video tutorials.
Good ones are in short supply.

Awesome thanks for sharing! Making me way to excited for a new toy! :slight_smile:

Wood veneer can also be used for laser marquetry. Google it. I am thinking about the possibilities right now.


Video tutorials annoy me, 20 minutes of video to discover that they didn’t talk about the one thing you learn :smile:
I wish there was a better way to search the actual content of the video

Those look great!! The interior design department in my office just got rid of a whole slew of wood veneer samples- I knew grabbing some would come in handy one day!

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What is the light source? I assume LED…but it would be great to get an idea of what the insides look like.

It an adafruit neopixel ring, driven by an arduino pro mini.

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May I ask what the power source is to run the adafruit products? Sorry
to ask but I’m a visual designer and have very little experience with
actual electronics. Thanks

I just used a USB wall charger, you can see the USB cable running off to nowhere in the images. Anything 5-6V battery wise internally would only last for a few hours, this ensures it runs as long as it’s plugged in.


A while back I bought this veneer sample pack just to see some exotic woods. (The 50 piece pack actually had 51 pieces)! But now I am thinking I will cut these into some cool pieces.

One question for @Dan is in relation to the 3D part of the printer. One of the samples is Quilted Maple. The figure of the wood made the veneer very wavy. I tried to make it visible by shining a light across it. Will Glowforge be able to cut a piece of wood with this kind of shape?


Haven’t tested it, but seems like it should work!

If you want more ideas, google “laser marquetry”.

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That’s the sort of pack I was thinking of obtaining, I can see all of the veneer suppliers sending many, many sample packs to GF owners :wink:


Great find! Just ordered a set.

This pack is very awesome, I will have to order one as well.

Awesome! I just ordered one too, along with a veneer variety pack. Gotta love when stuff like this is on Amazon Prime. :slight_smile:

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Wait its on Prime? Which one did you purchase?
I was gonna go for this one, but it does not have the nice labels on each veneer.

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I bought the Grizzly domestic & exotic veneer pack (no labels), but also a wood identification kit, and that has the labels.