Wood “X-ray” image & glue pockets

Just nerding out a little here (because it’s the best place/audience for such things! :smile:)….

I put my wood up to a light (as has been suggested in this forum) to look for glue pockets, etc. (1/8”
BB). It reminded me of an X-ray…and then, once I took a photo, it looked a little like the sun at sunset (when it gets that beautiful, dark red color). Anyway, just sharing for fun…and also to confirm: the line going down is glue, correct?

2nd pic is a piece I cut (1/4” maple), which must have ironically been right along the glue pocket (you can see the chunk of glue). First time that has happened to me! (I’ve only been lasering & working with wood for a year now.) I was so intrigued. :joy:


Nice effect!



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