Wooden Blocks Jig

I am looking to engrave on 2x2 Wooden Blocks and It will not fit while the crumb tray is in so I am needing a jig. Since I am very new I don’t know how to go about doing it and was hoping you wonderful glowforgers can help me with this. Hoping to fit more than 1 block on this jig.

Welcome to the community. If you try searching jigs you will get lots of help. You might want to try this link Help with alignment - 1.51 inch Square Blocks. The community members have a great discussion there on the making and use of jigs. The only issue you might have is that 2" is the maximum size object that you can engrave on the glowforge. I have found it difficult to get the laser to actually engrave something that is said to be 2" as you are pushing the limits of the machine. I have found there are certain positions on the floor of my machine that I can place a 2" object and get it to engrave. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to use a jig to do more than one block at a time. Good luck.


This is a good problem. If you made a jig of cardboard that was placed on 1" spacers, you could put the blocks in the jig and use the Set Focus on the blocks to do what you need to do. Sorry, but it’s too late for me to make this up and demonstrate it.

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