Wooden Living Hinge Saddle Stitched Sunglass Sleeve

It has been raining every night, so no lasering around here.

Four days ago I got a pair of new glasses from Zenni that came with a set of sunshades that attach to the front. I wanted to make a holder for them which gave me an excuse to experiment. I really liked how well my first leather project turned out and had all the tools, but no leather. That stuff is expensive and does’t grow on trees, but wood does! I had some scraps of 1/8 baltic birch and created a living hinge. Tonight I finally got a chance to to stitch it up. It took three tries to get stitched. Broke a needle the first time and stitched it to tight the second. The third time was a success. I also cut some felt to line the inside.

As a project it was a success, as a glass case it was a bit of a failure. I still am happy with it and will use it. But next time I would allow more space for glasses, I was hoping to be able to squeeze it and have the frames slide out. It is a bit snug.


Stitching wood…I am impressed! (And it might even survive in the black hole.) :sunglasses::+1:


Too cool! Thanks for expanding our reach conceptually!

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Neat idea! Sorry it turned out a little snug … but, it looks really nice!

I rubbed it with a bit of beeswax that i used on the leather and has a nice feel to it. It does not seem like wood anymore.

That is a very cool use for the living hinge–well done!

Howcome you can’t laser when it rains? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:

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:blush: I still use a piece of cardboard with a hole in it to vent out the window.


Dude, tape some plastic over that thing and LASER! Or cut one out of acrylic. Or something! :slight_smile:

Good to see someone else stitching wood as well. I’ve got a project coming up that I’ve been wracking my brain as to the best solution, and in theory the wood stitching is likely the best option.

Very cool idea!