Wooden Nickels for Charity

I have a friend in Minnesota who oversees a charity for homeless people, and another friend in LA (his sister) who oversees a charity for needy children in Vietnam. They will be working on the designs they want to use, but I will be making wooden nickels for them to give out to donors / sponsors. Here is my first trial run for that.

I tried both with and without masking. Without masking came out better.



Lovely! (And a great way to use up all the little spots between cuts on the material, if you do a few at a time.) :grinning:


Assume these were purchased pre-made discs?

Actually, I bought a bag of pre-cut wooden nickels to save time.


Ah! Well that makes sense. :smile:

Yes, pre-cut disks. Woodpeckers, I think they were called.


Very Nice! Great project!


First, you have amazing friends. What a neat idea. Keep us posted with the final versions!

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I figure to use the GF 1/3 of the time for stuff for our house, 1/3 for outside family and friends, and 1/3 for charities. My accumulated laundry list from the past couple of years of things to make is still very long. and growing as new ideas emerge. And I am still exploring a mix of media to plop into the machine, too.